Holy Land Journey
Jim & Claudia Payne

On November 29th, 1999, a group of 37 of us set out from Tulsa, Oklahoma on an 11 day pilgrimage to Israel and Rome. Father Matt Gerlach was the spiritual leader of our group and I'm sure every member of the group would be quick to agree that he helped make this faith journey an experience that none of us will ever forget. In the pages that follow, my wife and I have begun what we hope will eventually become not only a lasting record of our trip, but a place where we hope to continue to record our ongoing study of the historical, the biblical, and the archaeological record for these ancient and sacred sites. We have begun this effort with a photograph of the Sea of Galilee for the simple reason that it is this area, where our Lord spent so much of his time "teaching His disciples" so that we could better understand His purpose for being and the depth of His love for each of us.


Index of the Trip

Travel - Tulsa to Chicago to Milan to TelAviv to Tiberias
Wednesday - Sites on the Sea of Galilee
Thursday - Cana - Nazareth - Mount Carmel - Caesarea by the Sea
Friday - Model City - Bethlehem - Jerusalem
Saturday - Jerusalem - Dead Sea & Masada
Sunday - Jerusalem then travel to Rome
Monday - Rome
Tuesday - Trip to Assissi
Wednesday - Rome
Return - Rome to Milan to Chicago to Tulsa


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