The Catacombs
Our 6th Mass

Catacombs means "near the ravine". The name dates back to the ninth century A.D. and refers to the underground burial places of the first Christians which is near the Appian Way, just outside of Rome. In most areas, there are five levels of graves one on top of another and each, carved out of the rock. Recent discoveries indicate that in some places there are as many as twelve levels. Many of the early popes and Christian martyrs were buried in this area.

We took a quick tour of the amazing network of underground tombs and were then hurried to a small chapel near the entrance where Father Matt celebrated our daily mass just before sunset. After mass, we headed back to Rome for dinner and a well deserved good nights rest.


Tomorrow, Rod Teal will travel back to the states. He will fly first class and be accompanied by an escort provided by the insurance company. When he arrives in Tulsa, he will be transported directly to the hospital for a good check up. The insurance company and the tour company handled this event beautifully. We were all so grateful to God for allowing Rod to complete is tour of Israel as well as the Vatican before having his trip cut short.



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