The Trip to Rome
TelAviv to Rome


On Sunday, while the group was visiting The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and enjoying our Sunday morning mass with Father Matt, we returned to the hotel to learn of the condition and plans for Rod Teal. He had been seen by a doctor and cleared for travel to Rome via Al Italia Airlines. Since we were a little close on time for our flight, Shep and the bus driver arranged to get us each a "wonderful bagel" for a snack on the way to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem. We endured some rather strenuous security and baggage checks in Tel Aviv, but were eventually cleared for our flight to Rome.

We arrived at the Leonardo da Vinci airport after dark, had no problems at all with customs in Rome, and were bused to our hotel in the heart of Rome. They were still waiting dinner for our group, although not all that happy about having to do so. For awhile, it looked as if we would not even be able to get water for our meal without having some lira, and the front desk would not exchange lira for dollars. Eventually, all worked out, and we headed for bed.



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